The Last of Us, which is a video game by Naughty Dog and made into a series by HBO explores what could happen when the world as we know it, ends. So what could go possibly wrong?

Apparently nothing. This show is by far one of the greatest adaptations of a video game that I have ever seen. The look, feel, vibe, and acting all come together to create an instant classic. The Last of Us definitively raises the bar for any future video game adaptations.

Can you say great acting?

Bella Ramsey captures perfectly the sass and street smarts that you would imagine a young person would have to attain to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Also, I can easily, honestly, and earnestly say that Pedro Pascal is one of the most gifted actors of his (and my) generation. Every one of his nuanced moments in the show are a treat to us and his take on the anti-hero is very powerful. Pascal’s performance as Joel Miller, the begrudged caretaker of Ellie Williams (Bella Ramsey) is set upon tasks that at times are counter-intuitive to his characters ultimate goal of finding his brother. Yet, knowing the characters history and loss, we can see that he is fighting against wanting to be a father to young Ellie. If you’ve seen the season finale than you know whether or not he gave into those paternal instincts.

Where can we expect Season 2 to take us?

Does it matter? To me, not really. I just hope to see Pedro and Bella doing Karaoke somewhere, while raising sheep, and planning a long vacation, quite possibly to the moon.

‘Sometimes things don’t work out the way we hope. You can feel like you’ve come to an end, and you don’t know what to do next. But if you just keep going, you find something new to fight for.’ – Joel Miller

Endure and Survive!

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