Everyone has played a game on their phone at one point or another, right? How else would you, in the modern age, pass the time while sitting on the throne? Well, I thought I had outgrown mobile device games after having played my fair share of Angry Birds and other cutting-edge mobile apps that were on the vanguard of mobile gaming. I thought I was strictly back to my console-based games with a large screen and a full-size actual controller in my hands.

Then why I ask, has my screen time on my phone absurdly skyrocketed ever since I downloaded Marvel Snap? This seemingly innocuous lightweight app has taken over my phone, and that is a very, very, good thing.

As my love of comic books grows, I was extremely delighted to see a game that involved the full breadth of Marvel characters. Superheroes and Supervillains found their way into my deck (more about that later), which I control and use to conquer my foe. Marvel Snap is a card game, hence the deck, where you select 12 cards to battle against an opponent in turn-based action. In each round, six total, you are allotted an increasing amount of energy points to play cards. These cards each have an assigned power level. Then at the end of the game, if your power points outnumber your foes at 2 of the 3 locations, you win!

Sound simple right?

Not so fast. Each card has special abilities that are linked to the character. For example, Yondu, of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, has the ability to destroy an opposing player’s card with his mind-controlled arrow! Fantastic, right?!? You can create various decks to heighten your play style or just to group comic book teams together. One of my decks has all of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters (or at least as many as I have unlocked so far) together. Another has all X-Men characters, and so on.

Your favorite Marvel superheroes

To see Marvel characters you enjoy reading about and watching on the screen appear in your hand is very exciting! On a recent game, I received Daredevil who is one of my favorites, ever. Sadly he didn’t stick around long, but I was happy to see him for that short period of time.

Marvel Snap is a genius game that allows everyone to win. Although you can opt to pay for premium content, you can easily WIN without the extra bells and whistles! I highly recommend comic book fans to start playing this game, because as Thanos would say, it is “inevitable”. Oh Snap!

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