The Unstoppable Rise of Streaming Services

Ahh..big shout out to Paige for trying to convince us that cable TV is still somewhat relevant in today’s modern world. I am, however, here to inform you that today’s “content” is built for the streaming age. 

Customization at Your Fingertips:

Picture this, well technically, you can even picture-in-picture this: A streaming platform that learns my interests and what I enjoy based upon the shows I watch. Can your cable TV service do that? Now I know there is a lot of contention surrounding algorithms, but hey, if it can recommend a show or film for me to watch that I hadn’t previously heard of, I am all for it. Also, bonus time, I can actually build a playlist or a watch later list on a platform to save for a rainy day or for a day when I just feel like lounging on the couch with a big ol bucket of popcorn. 

Cutting Out the Clutter:

What do you do with 200 or so channels of cable TV that you never ever watch but constantly pay for on a monthly basis? Nothing…nada. Yet each month you dish out an increasing fee for this opportunity. With streaming platforms we can trim the fat, so to speak. No longer do I need to pay for 20 versions of Fox News that all espouse vitriol and rhetoric aimed at a crowd fearful of change. Thankfully I no longer have to use a service that pays for them to be there. Instead, I can pick and choose platforms that deliver the content I want to see. 


While the costs of cable TV remain, how should I put it nicely, very freaking high. Streaming platforms, in comparison, are very cost friendly. Also, unlike its older cousin, streaming platforms offer different pricing tiers and subscriptions to suit each user’s needs. Add to it the fact that there are no long term contract and this proves to be especially convenient. For example, I could, if I so desired, use one platform for a month, then switch to another for the next month or so, depending on what show or films I want to view. Sure it may take a little more on the management side of things for me, but meh, it really isn’t that big of a deal. I am sure for some the “set it and forget” model works best, but in a day and age of digital assistants to remind us of, well, everything, the perceived hassle really isn’t that bad.

Entertainment on the Go:

Another glaring advantage of streaming platforms is really their convenience. I can view them from anywhere on a multitude of devices. My phone, table, computer, laptop, TV, Playstation, and more all offer ways for me to view the content. Heck, I can even start a show on my TV and finish it up on my phone later on that evening while lying in bed, supposedly going to sleep. I can be playing a game on my Playstation, decide to take a break from destroying Automatons or Terminids in Helldivers 2 and watch a show right there without even having to switch off the gaming console. If I am out running errands and waiting for take out or at a safe place, i.e. not driving, I can catch up on the latest episode of Invincible on Prime or X-Men 97 on Disney+. Getting to watch shows where and when I want to is pure multimedia bliss.

Viewing on Your Schedule:

The freedom to be able to pause, rewind, fast-forward or skip episodes makes streaming platforms even more convenient. While, yes, sometimes I miss the nostalgia of waiting for a particular evening to watch a particular show, it is overshadowed by the ease of use of streaming platforms and the ability to watch the content truly on my own schedule. Take that corporate broadcast overseers! 


Streaming services not only offer superior convenience and control but also represent a significant shift towards a more user-focused entertainment experience. They cater to the modern consumer’s need for flexibility, variety, and accessibility, challenging traditional cable TV’s less adaptable model.

Call to Action:

Let’s hear from you! Are you on board with the streaming revolution, or do you still find value in traditional cable services? Share your preferences and experiences in the comments below. Join the discussion on how digital streaming is reshaping our media consumption habits and what this means for the future of entertainment.

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